SharpReader Plugins

SharpReader uses plugins based on the IBlogExtension standard. Plugins can be installed by extracting them into a plugins sub-directory under your SharpReader directory.

Here is a partial list of some plugins that adhere to this standard:

w.bloggar plugin
A plugin to start the popular w.bloggar weblog posting tool from within SharpReader.

A plugin that allows you to open a custom URL in your browser, which could link to your Movable Type posting page for example

WB Editor
A WYSIWYG blog editing tool with unicode support

A plugin by Jarno Peschier to easily email RSS items. Source-code is included.

The PWAIN extension for Firefox lets you create blog entries from Firefox into PWAIN. PWAIN is a WYSIWYG Blog editing tool.

If you want to create a new SharpReader plugin, you can do so by creating a .NET assembly with a class that extends the following interface:

public interface IBlogExtension
   // Name of plug-in, this will be the name by which the 
   // user will activate your plugin in SharpReader
   string DisplayName { get; } 

   // Return true if plug-in has configuration settings 
   bool HasConfiguration { get; } 

   // Return true if an editing GUI will be shown to the 
   // user when BlogItem is called. In this case, the 
   // aggregator will not display its own editing UI.
   // This options is not applicable from SharpReader, as
   // it does not have its own editing gui.
   bool HasEditingGUI { get; } 

   // Display configuration dialog to user, if applicable 
   void Configure(IWin32Window parent); 

   // Perform the plugin action. rssFragment will contain
   // an rss-fragement based on the currently selected item.
   // edited will be false when called from SharpReader 
   // (other aggregators that implement IBlogExtension may
   // call this with edited = true)
   void BlogItem(IXPathNavigable rssFragment, bool edited); 

Do not include the interface above in your assembly, but compile your plugin against the strong named blogextension.dll assembly that comes with SharpReader

Please send an email to sharpreader(at)hutteman(dot)com if you created a plugin that you would like to have added to this page.