Frequently Asked Questions

When I try to start SharpReader, I'm getting an error message stating "The dynamic library mscoree.dll could not be found in the specified path".

If you see this error message when you try to start SharpReader, this means you do not have version 1.1 of the .NET framework installed on your system. Please download it from or msdn and restart SharpReader.

When refreshing a feed, I'm getting an error message stating "The type initializer for "System.Net.HttpWebRequest" threw an exception".

This probably means you don't have .NET Service Pack 1 installed. You can either go to to install this, or if this is not an option, remove the SharpReader.exe.config file from your SharpReader installation directory (it contains a configuration setting that is SP1 specific).

How do I open an RSS feed in SharpReader?

There are several ways to do this:
  • You can type the RSS URL into SharpReader's address-bar and press [ENTER]
  • You can select File|Open RSS Feed, type in the RSS URL and press OK
  • For many sites, you can use the website URL itself as well and SharpReader will try to find the RSS URL for you by looking for RSS Autodiscovery tags or RSS links on the website.
  • You can use drag and drop to drag a RSS link (typically shown as XML) from your browser to SharpReader's address-bar
  • If SharpReader is configured to "listen on port 5335" (see Tools|Options), you can click on Radio Userland subscribe icons ( )
  • You can click on a FEED link.

How do I subscribe to an RSS feed in SharpReader?

Again, there are several ways to do this:
  • Opened the feed through one of the methods above and press the subscribe button
  • Use the "auto-subscribe" checkbox in the File|Open dialog
  • Use drag and drop to drag a RSS link from your browser to SharpReader's subscriptions pane on the left

Where do I find new feeds to subscribe to?

You can find lists of popular feeds at To search for a specific feed, you can use Syndic8.

Is there any way to search the feeds I am subscribed to?

Yes, use Tools|Filter

Is there a way to search feeds I am not subscribed to?

Yes, use the Search-box at the top-right of SharpReader to open a feedster-feed that contains recent mentions of your search-term(s). You can even subscribe to such a search by pressing the subscribe button. If you find an interesting item and would like to subscribe to the actual feed that contained this item, you can drag the [xml] icon from the content-pane to the subscriptions pane.

How does the feed properties pane work?

This pane (opened through Tools|Feed Properties, or through the subscriptions pane right-click menu) shows properties that can be set for individual feeds or for categories. A value of "Default" means this property will get its value from the category this feed is in. This way, you can set your default properties on the root (subscribed feeds) node, and override those on specific feeds or categories.

How do I set a refresh rate per feed

Through the feed properties pane

How do I turn off the new item alert popups?

By using the "AlertNewItems" property in the feed properties pane.

How do I copy my SharpReader data to another machine?

If you just want to copy you subscribed feeds, simply export your subscriptions to OPML using File|Export Subscriptions, and import the resulting file into another SharpReader instance. To also copy all your items, copy the entire C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Application Data\SharpReader directory to the other machine.

What do the auto-purge settings do in the feed properties pane?

You can use these settings to have SharpReader automatically delete older items from it's cache. It is generally a good idea to use this feature as having too many items in SharpReader increases its memory consumption.

How do I get SharpReader to always use a new browser when opening links?

Go to Tools|Options and check "Open links in external browser".

Does SharpReader support ATOM?

Yes, since version

I'd like to switch from my current aggregator to SharpReader, is there a way to keep all my subscriptions?

If your current aggregator supports OPML, use this to export your subscriptions to a file, and then import this file into SharpReader using File|Import.

I've decided to switch from SharpReader to another aggregator, is there a way to keep all my subscriptions?

If your new aggregator supports OPML, export your SharpReader subscriptions to a file using File|Export, and then import this file into your new aggregator.

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